Statement of Intent

My intentions for this project is to have a continuation from the street photography I undertook during the first few weeks of the course, which is to capture different social classes, as I enjoyed doing so in the duration of undertaking the ZedSoth mini-brief. This was largely due to the fact I have an interest in capturing diversity when undertaking street photography and during the mini-project I found the concept interesting and I was intrigued when photographing the subject matter.

When photographing throughout the year I am going to photograph the same concepts when photographing the ZedSoth project and attempt to capture it on a larger scale, this shall be done by using photographs I captured on the Liverpool trip and having a mixture from this with photographs I shall be taking around Leeds and when visiting London in December. The reasons for this is that each city is massive in size and I think I can capture societies different social classes and show similarities to how people live together as one society and share the same cultures and daily activities as they go about there daily routines.

I intend to have a series of photographs which capture these concepts, with a continuation in the editing process as this is an important part of any project, my preferred style for street photography is to have them black and white and high in contrast, as I have been using this style for sometime now. Taking this into consideration and wanting to continue my style from older projects similar to this one, as I now think having continuity from each singular set of work there should be view-able similarities between them, so this is something which I shall definitely be ensuring during this year long project.

Statement of Intent

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