This is an introduction to the year, where myself and three others went out and photographed an already decided concept by using our own preferred style of photography. The concept given to all was contention which basically means disagreement, however we decided to document an opposite where we captured different aspects of society and how they all come together as one, as my preferred style of photographing is street photography I went out and photographed things which I saw as a way of bringing society together with common aspects such as social groups and religion, so I visited churches to capture some of the artifacts inside such as crosses correlating with Christianity which all social classes have in common if they are religious. Finally my job was to photograph the streets and attempt to capture aspects such as the different social classes, I photographed people on there daily activities trying to capture a coming togetherness in my work.

The trip to Liverpool before the project was given I went around and did my own street photography, when looking back on the photographs captured I found photographs which we befitting for the mini-project given to us, as I have always gone out and tried to capture diversity in my photography to add concept.


This is one of the photographs from the Liverpool trip, contention was the concept and we chose society, as you can see from the photograph, the man in the suit looks to be very much a part of the middle classes, however the women in the background seems to be working class and this is evidence of how we all live together as one despite the social class we belong to.

I have always photographed in the streets using a candid style, as this gives me the capability to capture the emotions and for this particular project photographing in this manner I could quickly depict society of the concepts which I wanted to, which fell perfectly for this project as I had photographs including contention right from the start.

During the editing process, I wanted the work to correlate as continuity is an important factor throughout any project, for this I chose black and white, as contention isn’t a happy concept and I think black and white captures the concepts which are considered to be upsetting or sad.

Overall the project was a success using the different methodologies set to us, I think mine worked well as I liked the opportunity to capture photographs that I have always found interesting and diversity has been a large part of my work in the past so I undertaking this was exceptional for me.


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