The documentary is by Cheryl Dunn, a piece of work which excellently portrays 13 New York street photographers all with diverse projects. Between them have captured New York City and the people over many decades, spanning from as early as the 1950’s to more modern times, giving viewers an idea of how New York has evolved over time.

The film considered to be more than a series of biographies, when really it captures the changing city in a unique collection of photography, combining different approaches to the street photography genre, furthermore capturing social aspects in the city that never sleeps.

Moreover a discussion on the future of photography, including both sides for and against the technology, because it means everybody can become a photographer. Elliott Erwitt and old school film photographer, believes digital and the internet will end the profession as the lines between amateur and professional is blurred. However on the other end Joel Meyerowitz has belief in the advancement of digital photography and the capabilities of sharing work over the internet will actually lead to a genius being discovered.

The photographers featured have set out into such places as crack dens, graffiti-ed subways, even a prostitution’s walk way, capturing the life’s of many in time. “a device that can stop time, cameras are the world’s first time machines” a quote from Rebecca McNutt, which defines how these photographers freeze time over the decades.

The documentary itself was filmed by Cheryl Dunn on both 16mm black and white film and colour HD to give it an eccentric feel, in between the shots of New York are photographs by the cast and their discussion and examples of their work.

The film is very informative and gives an insight to all of these photographers lives, how they went about there profession and if it was the ways of Boogie and visiting crack dens however creating relationships with these people, or Bruce Gilden’s face on approach with people in the streets of New York, whichever way of photographing including by any of the other 11 photographers from this film, the work they have produced is considered to be some of the best in the world.


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