Confirmation of Study

The Christmas Exhibition went by and now it was time to confirm if the projects shall be continued for the rest of the year, I had already decided that I wanted to continue on with my street photography. The tutors agreed with this as they had thought and agreed that the work was successful, even I considered it to be my most outstanding work to date, because of the concepts captured in London, how diverse the city is and the capability of capturing these photographs on society on a much larger scale than I would have had if solely photographed in Leeds.

Further reasons to carry on this project was the pure enjoyment of street photographing, as I could depict the world in a way true to myself. Street photography is my favorite format of photography and I could continue capturing this interesting concept and observing society through my photography. The reasons for this is so I can interlink the cities, Leeds, Liverpool and London and show there similarities, something which I thought would be interesting to capture in photography as society has dissimilar social classes however with similarities on how they live there lives, this is an additional concept I shall be carrying out when photographing.

I am expecting to have a large body of work capturing all of the discussed concepts. Experimenting with different methodologies which I previously researched when looking at the street photographers of the film Everybody Street, with the informative and influential tips I have taken away from there photographic works, an example of this is Bruce Gilden and his use of unconventional compositions to ensure the photographs are diverse instead of being too the same to other street photographers work, however I shall be keeping a consistency as this ensures the viewers will know the photographs are from the same project. The consistency will be continued on during the post – production stage, by editing the photographs in a continued black and white style, just like I did with the set of photographs exhibited from what I photographed earlier in the course.

I am excited to continue on this project, also I am looking forward to photographing and presenting my work in the end of year exhibition with a more diverse put together project, with more from Leeds and Liverpool to establish my chosen concepts. Combining the three in a way that is aesthetically pleasing to my audience and easy to read and make sense of.

Confirmation of Study

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