Curatorship – Christmas Exhibition

A curators job is to be in charge of a collection of work in this case photography. This requires building up the work in specialist areas, where the photography can be on show to the public. Heavily incorporated in the organisation and arrangement of the work itself, whilst working with the photographers and agreeing with where their specif works will be displayed. Additionally to this a curator may conduct research to ensure the work is displayed in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Other Responsibilities:

  • developing and organising new collections to expand and improve educational and research facilities
  • researching extensively, negotiating on prices and buying items such as sculptures, statues and paintings that can add value to the collection
  • maintaining records and cataloguing acquisitions
  • researching, compiling and preparing written information about catalogues and publishing it on the institution’s website
  • collaborating with other institutions
  • ensuring that collections are properly preserved
  • raising funds and grants
  • interviewing, hiring and training staff

Curatorship – Christmas Exhibition

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