Everybody Street – Bruce Gilden

Bruce Gilden is a famous photographer largely known for his contribution in street photography. Gilden used his signature in your face style, he has catured the world from his home city of New York when portraying the locals to Haitian hurricane survivors and even Japanese Yakuza members which allows him to have an interesting and diverse body of work.

Some of the photographs from New York which depicts his in your face style if of the most powerful women show, which displays every pore, clump of mascara and even split ends, this has made his photographs from this series to be considered reviling.


Bruce Gilden has been influential to many photographers and has taught aspiring photographers everywhere tips for the future, his work speaks volumes.

Gilden is known to shot in a direct, aggressive and honest manner, which comes across in his in your face style. His tip from this is to shoot who you are, understanding your personality if people have similarities to Bruce and are not nervous then his style is great.

Photographing on the street should be to provoke an emotional response from the viewer, Gilden has definitely accomplished that with his photography. One set of work which shows this is his Haiti project, he set out to know the Haitan Society, they show emotion, thought and humanity which should be the motivation for all aspiring street photographers.

Creating unconventional compositions in another point and tip made through the work of Bruce Gilden, as this leads to different and interesting photographs instead of the same and boring. Being experimental is essential, trying different angles, use an off camera flash for shadows, have the subjects to the left or right rather than in the middle, this ensures in intriguing shots and creates a different aesthetic to other genres of photography, instead of following the rules of thirds.

USA. New York City. 1989. Feast of San Gennero, Little Italy.USA. New York City. 1993. Businessman on Fifth Avenue. © Bruce Gilden / Magnum PhotosNYC16203




Everybody Street – Bruce Gilden

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