Everybody Street – Jamel Shabazz

Drugs and gangs aren’t the only dark social traits which have been documented by photographers, a further investigation into the photographer Jamel Shabazz and his photographic work on prostitution. Ever evident of the people on the fringes of society, similarly to Boogie he has dealt with people who would be considered dangerous, especially the pimps of these women. Jamel has even been confronted by one of the pimps. However he was accepted by these people, because he would ask permission of the person he thought was the most powerful, “I would see the alpha” then he “knew that I had to photograph him first” (Jamel Shabazz, Everybody Street, 2013) before he could photograph the rest. Jamel would have the photographs printed and would give the photograph to the “alpha” then the rest would want the same, this is how he gained there trust. This meant he could obtain photographs of prostitutes to really delve deeper into the subjects he wanted to capture, so similar to Boogie building the trust between photographer and subject is highly important in documentary and street photography.


Here is a photograph of a women leaning into a car, which is of a possible client, taken by Jamel Shabazz. The photograph depicts yet another issue which links with this dark side of society, heavily linked with drug abuse as prostitution is used to be able to buy their drugs. Another outrageous subject matter, which similarly to the photographs by Boogie is highly controversial, as it is an unusual photograph, very impactful as it isn’t something heavily linked with today’s photography. However very interesting as the “deeper you go the better picture you will take”. Jamel has indulged himself deeper into the world of prostitution to be able to photograph this impactful subject. Jamel has about these women being on the street, who are homeless and have gone into prostitution from a drug addiction to Crack. “To see that impact that drug has had”(Jamel Shabazz, Everybody Street 2013), this had a personal effect on Jamel as these people who had fallen victim to this drug were people he had photographed before there drug addiction, “that really broke my heart”(Jamel Shabazz, Everybody Street, 2013).

Everybody Street – Jamel Shabazz

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