Everybody Street – Jeff Mermelstein

Jeff Mermelstein is considered to be yet another prolific street photographer from Everybody Street, he has simplistic photographs however his work has emotions in depths, creating powerful and bizarre pieces of work. He is relentless in his observations when photographing on the streets, he appeals to the viewers sense of identification in others and who function with complex human behaviors.

A simple thought taken away from his work is to stay true, because any photographer street or otherwise, should be doing it because of love for the format and not feel pressured to create photographs. Photographing should be to please yourself and satisfaction for creating photographs.

Not asking for permission is another aspect of Jeff Mermelsteins work, one which I follow myself when street photographing as candid seems to bring nature to the photograph. Despite Jeff’s aggressiveness when street photographing, he has no issues doing it, why should he it’s not illegal. Especially since his purpose is to create photographs that are considered interesting and isn’t hurtful towards anyone in his practical process.

Embracing the ordinary is another aspect that is shown through his work, examples of this is Jeff’s work in New York, he has photographed there for decades and has not grown tired of it, to an extent he doesn’t feel the need to travel anywhere to street photograph.




Everybody Street – Jeff Mermelstein

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