Everybody Street – Jill Freedman

Jill Freedman has a diverse body of work one of which includes ride alongs with the New York Police Department which gave her access to the dark sides of New York during the 1970s and went along with the Fire department, giving viewers a sense of fearlessness from her character.

Jill managed to have access to the Lower East Side of New York with the police department, capabilities rose from this, photographing such problems within society such as criminal activity, drugs, poverty and violence. Jill came across these issues as an unflinching witness, however during this Jill tried to capture compassion and humor, photographing the good and the bad guys.

As for the photographing with the Fire department, women weren’t actually permitted to be unescorted in the firehouses after 10om which meant even after grueling shifts, she would spend the nights sleeping in the back seat of the Fire Departments Chiefs car and only going home twice a week to process her film, which again is tribute to Jill’s character as a determined professional in this case.


Everybody Street – Jill Freedman

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