Everybody Street – Joel Meyerowitz

Joel Meyerowitz works has appeared in over 350 exhibitions which emphasizes how impacting his work is. During the mid 1960’s he helped to advocate color photography, which ensured rather than a resistance to the idea to an almost universal acceptance.

Similarly to the works of Bruce Gilden, aspiring street photographers can take pointers from his work, one of which is as simple as focus on taking photographs, as when photographing in the streets especially if it is busy and crowded with bustling people, photographers can be overwhelmed, making sense of the chaotic environment is a great way to go, focusing on the photography itself can help with this as keeping a look out for the right moment in the bustling streets, making it easier as focusing on that will make it less overwhelming.

Another aspect is to capture feelings as this is what makes a photograph memorable and meaningful to the viewers, giving them something to relate to. Joel Meyerowitz is considered to be one of the best at this, as his imagery captures emotions, which in some cases are more dark than happy but that just adds to the concepts which can be photographed.

Being socially conscious is another aspect to be taken from Joel Meyerowitz photographs,  as part of being a street photographer is to be engaging with the rest of the world, if photographers didn’t do this there would pieces of work devoid of meaning.

joel meyerowitz2 meyerowitz_ny

0ce5e633bd416522665760953019a71a Taking My Time



Everybody Street – Joel Meyerowitz

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