Everybody Street – Ricky Powell

Ricky is a native to New York City, widely known as a photographer of the New York music scene, specializing in rap and hip hip, photographing numerous performers such as Run DMC, Cypress Hill and the Beastie Boys. However his main bodies of work is street photography. “Street Photography is like my transistor radio, the play list is infinite” even naming a show, “Public Access” intertwining both his photography and the musicians together as referring to them on a radio making him difficult to categorize, however this makes interesting concept between the two, relating to his personal interests.

Ricky Powell has an undeniable influence within the rap community by photographing these musicians, his early fame came from photographing the Beastie Boys, when he worked with them for two decades as their tour and official photographer, which gave him the opportunity to explore.

To emphasize his dedication to street photography during the 1980’s he worked odd jobs as a dog walker, lemonade stand owner and delivery boy which had him out and about to street photograph, which shows how he wanted to succeed as a photographer.




An interesting fact about Ricky Powell is that his camera is actually from his cheating ex girlfriend. “she would be mad sorry she dissed, like this”.  Which somewhere, I bet she is.

Everybody Street – Ricky Powell

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