London Trip 2014

In December 2014 a trip to London occurred, with planning to visit various Exhibitions, the trip was both educational and exciting as I have not visited the capital for some time and to be able to experience the different sites and the quadrants of the city itself I compared it to Leeds in a sense that it was an oversized replica, the city had a similar feel just on a much grander scale. London has it’s Oxford Street which is by all means is very posh, where the middle class scurried around the posh shopping outlets, then there was Camden, which from observations was very much working class with all the cheaper outlets within the market, my initial thought was that Camden is similar to Leeds Market and Oxford similar to Briggate, at a larger scale. This was a perfect opportunity for me to photograph the concepts which I wanted to capture, I took full advantage of this over the three day trip with many ventures to each quadrant of the city which ensured I would capture all the different social classes I could.

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These are some of the examples from my street photography in London, from the posh sides of Oxford and Camden, even the London Underground subway system to emphasize the aspect of how rushed London as a city is. The photograph from Oxford the top right, is of a homeless man, the only photograph which isn’t candid, as he came up and brought up a conversation with me about what am I doing and asked me to take his portrait, which has gave me a deadpan photograph of him glaring into the cameras lens, which personally I think has came out effective as he looks depressed, considering himself to be “down and out” adding an extra concept to my set of photographs from London. However with him being there, it helps me capture my main concept of how we all come together as a society as he is living in a posh quadrant of London.

The two at the bottom of the set are from Camden town, a much more working class side of London with it’s many stalls and street performers, a different and interesting side with many intriguing characters, the ones which caught my eye were the bottom left photograph of the people dressed in Alice in Wonderland attire, where they would be paid for photographs with them in their brilliant cos-play, I took the photograph and they candidly posed like that, which is what I am looking for when photographing, a reaction in this case an effective and positive reaction.

I will be looking to continue this when photographing around Leeds hoping to capture all the aspects in a diluted location, it just means less travelling in comparison to London as the different sides of Leeds are much more together.

London Trip 2014

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