Photographing Leeds & Liverpool

I shall be photographing Leeds and Liverpool when I undertake this project further, capturing the same concepts as I did when in London, this will be easier as there will be less travelling around in comparison to London so it makes it easier to photograph the concepts I want as I am near the city centre and the locations I want to capture in my photography.

An idea I have and shall be experimenting with is photographing in beer gardens, as this will give me a chance to see different social classes in the bars they like, an idea I have is visiting The Angel Inn a bar located in the city centre with its cheap drinks on tap, attracts a very much a working class clientele, so this is a perfect opportunity for me to photograph this particular social class, just like the visits to Camden in London did. Mixed with my candid style of photography I can truly depict them in my own way, hoping for the same interesting outcome as Camden.

Furthermore I shall be photographing on Briggate as this has a busy atmosphere around the retail stores, the middle class can be photographed there but as Leeds has such a diverse mixture rather than a segregation that happens in London, the opportunity awaits me to photograph all social classes living amongst one another, which is one of the outcomes I am aiming for when photographing this project.

When I visit Liverpool I shall be travelling around the city looking for interesting moments to capture, ideal to the concepts that I am investigating. I have already visited Liverpool and came out with some interesting photography, which was befitting to this project which I accomplished during the “ZedSoth” mini-brief. I want to capture more photographs to ensure I have a compilation of photographs from each city, to establish my concepts and show the similarity between societies from each individual location.

Photographing Leeds & Liverpool

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