Contact Sheets: Leeds

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Here is my collection of photographs from Leeds, again there is a large quantity of photograph which essential for street photographers to do, as this creates opportunity to capture my chosen concepts, I have gone around Briggate and photographed the posh sides of Leeds, to capture the working class I decided to photograph in a bar named The Angel Inn, which with it’s cheap lagers and other beverages brings crowd of people considered to be working class, so there I could capture this specific social class in a setting befitting for them. To further this I decided to photograph around building sites and staff working on maintenance on the streets, as these specific jobs are considered to be working class professions, with it being manual labour, so this added another layer of context to the photographic series I am creating, giving me an extra concept to explore.

Overall I photographed the diverse social groups in one society, this being the main concept of this project, making the photographing in Leeds an undoubted success, as I have captured the conceptual side, with extra context through the photographing of building sites and maintenance staff at work .

Contact Sheets: Leeds

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