Contact Sheets: London

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This is the whole collection of photography from London, it is an example of how street photography works in itself as I have taken over 650 photographs in the the three day visit, showing dedication to photograph each place visited in detail of my concepts, from the posh streets of Oxford Street to the bustling Undergrounds Subway system to the hustling stalls of Camden. This gave me opportunity to photograph each place and capture the diversity of the city and its social classes, the Working Class side of Camden and the Middle Class of Oxford and the mixtures of the classes in the Underground, giving viewers of my work how we all live as one society.

A successful trip as I set out and captured the concepts I intended, photographing everything I saw, to look back on in the post – production stage and see how many photographs I could use as part of my project, there was plenty to use from London alone, just because of the scale and the diversity that I found there. A larger scale version of Leeds in many ways, which was great to see as I also set out to capture similarities of the cities, on how societies tend to have specific parts in which each class uses as habitats, living amongst one another, until commuting between there daily routines, together on train of bus which is why photographing the Underground was so interesting as it captured this concept perfectly.

Contact Sheets: London

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