A lesson learned from researching all the photographer in Everybody Street, but mainly focused on the teachings of Jill Freedmen, this is because she worked grueling hours, which even involved sleeping in the Fire Departments Chiefs car as at the time women wasn’t allowed in the Firehouses after 10pm without supervision. So even though she was up all day and almost all night photographing with them, she chose to not even go home to rest properly. This displays the kind of character needed, to be successful in photography of any format. Now I won’t be doing such things as my subject matter is totally different but I shall be determined by photographing regularly at all times of the day to ensure that I can photograph all the concepts I am looking to capture in my project. My outcomes shall be achieved by this determination, so for my end of year exhibition I shall have a body of work, evident with my concepts and ideologies on social classes and there how they all come together to make one operational society.


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