Experimenting with Methodologies #3

A further method which I shall be experimenting with is by Bruce Gilden and his methodology of “shoot who we are” which in his case is direct and aggressive. He essentially means to photograph in the manner you are accustomed to, as this will make me more comfortable when street photographing. As I am quite a shy person I will be less direct and in the subjects face as Bruce Gilden, which may mean some of my photographs are effected as I do not get as close as Bruce does, however I am trying to change this and be more confident when photographing, as legally I am doing nothing wrong in public. This is why I do not use a flash when photographing, as I am uncomfortable with confrontation, however in my opinion I don’t need to use a flash as that style isn’t aesthetically pleasing to me. This is another reason why I photograph candid but more in the style of Henri Cartier-Bresson rather than the close up in your face as Gilden, so I am photographing who I am, which can only help me come out with photographs pleasing to me and be as accomplished one day.

Experimenting with Methodologies #3

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