Final Piece #1

17222617601_87d29eed57_oThis is one of the photographs I have chosen for my portfolio for this project, taken in Liverpool at the beginning of the course, I found that this photograph was perfect for the concepts I wanted to capture, considering it to be one of my best photographs to date, I decided it had the requirements to be part of my project.

An aspect of the photograph which makes it befitting for the project, as the photograph has captured a man in the foreground, smartly dressed who could be considered to be posh and middle class, this was captured in a part of Liverpool which would be deemed as working class. The women in the background of the photograph is dressed much more casually and is looks to be on her break, seeming more apart of working class. The photograph depicts how these people have come together in society which capture how we all live together as one in society despite of whatever social class each individual are regarded to be part of.

Final Piece #1

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