Final Piece #2

541A photograph I took in London of a women who owned a small old film camera stall, I used a 50mm lens for this, with the F-stop at 1.4, I had to be careful as this creates a shallow depth of field, so I had to beware of the focusing, to ensure she being the subject was in focus. This was a technical experiment to see how using this kind of lens would be visually. Personally I think using this method has worked perfectly as she is in focus, which makes her the main focal point of the photograph. The photograph was taken in a candid style, which I took as I waited for the moment, she was in conversation with someone and I was waiting for a smile, to depict that she was happy, which by all means she seemed to be when conversing with her. Furthermore to this she seemed to be quite a strange character, this is what I was looking for as capturing the strange and diverse is much more interesting to viewers than just a normal photograph, also giving my viewers an idea of Camden and some of the strange characters you can be exposed too.

Overall a great photograph technically and conceptually as I have experimented with different lenses and settings but also captured a working class women in her working environment which is befitting to my brief.

Final Piece #2

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