Final Piece #4

417A photograph I captured on Oxford Street in London, encapsulating a man well dressed, which leads to the assumption he is middle class, this is due to his attire and where he was located at the time when I took the photograph. I consider it to be more ordinary than the others in the series as the location isn’t as diverse in character in comparison to Camden, however the photograph is conceptually succeeding to my project, as I have captured the main point of this project on society, it fits into the series well as it shows how contrasting the city of London actually is, that a short subway journey away is Camden where a stranger side to the city can be found, which brings the city together as one working society.

During post production I followed the same criteria of black and white and high contrast to ensure that I had a continuous looking series, which is important as photographs from the same set should be similar with one another, an important aspect as viewers of my work can make easier judgement’s to which series the photograph belongs to.

Final Piece #4

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