Final Piece #7

162The first final piece taken in Leeds, I captured this whilst sat in The Angel Inn, I happened to have my camera with me as I usually do when visiting Leeds, to ensure I don’t miss a moment which could be considered interesting. The reason for this is the bar is considered to be a place where working class visit for drinks so I thought this was a perfect opportunity to photograph for my project on social classes. This has depicted the working class doing an activity which we can agree is a favorite of there’s, visiting the pub for a few beers. However this is common in the various social classes as I don’t think any would deny they don’t love going for drinks with friends, showing how similar they really are as a society. So this was a perfect venue to display my chosen concepts, because I could capture the working class doing an activity rather than the other photographs which heavily consist of them walking around the town they live in, giving an added context to the series and giving it again more diversity which I think is important.

Final Piece #7

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