Overview of Project

This project was enjoyable to venture down as it gave me the opportunity to depict something in my photography that I find interesting, how we are all classed as something, because of what we do or how much money we have, when in reality we are all together and without one another society couldn’t survive. I did this whilst photographing the cities in a similar light as one another to show just how similar society is around the UK, London is like an overly sized Leeds and Liverpool a common comparison I made throughout this project adding extra context to my photography as a whole.

Photographing in a candid style helped me achieve this, as I could capture the natural reactions of the people in the photographs. Which was important to me as I wanted to photograph them in the most natural sense I could, to ensure the photographs would capture there emotions whilst they went about there daily business, this was all so similar despite the social they were considered to be apart of, an interesting observation I made whilst endeavoring on this project.

During the post-production stage, I ensure that the editing of the photographs was all the same as I wanted continuity in my work, something which I had learned over the years as a Foundation Degree student, so this was something I made sure would happen with this project. The photographs were edited to be black and white and high in contrast, this is my preferred style and something which I picked up when researching is to be visually true to yourself.

Overall the project has been a success, as I have ventured out and captured what I intended to, I am happy with the photography as they are aesthetically pleasing to me, as photographing for yourself is more important that photographing for other people, especially when undertaking a project that is personal to you. However if I were to undertake the project again I would photograph more in Liverpool as I only came out with one photograph befitting to the project, however the evidence is still there in that photograph that depicts what I intended to, so I am happy with the final series of photographs.

Overview of Project

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